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Photo by Bob Self / The Florida Times-Union

That's me, Jason Pratt, flying high above Jacksonville Beach shooting video of Team Oracle's Challenger stunt plane as it flew in formation with two Blue Angels just a few days before the Jacksonville Sea & Sky Spectacular air show. I put this picture here because it is seriously the coolest video I've ever gotten to shoot.

Pratt.tv is the spot in the "series of tubes" where all things Jason Pratt come together in one socialMULTImedia happy place. I have gathered up my favorite videos, photos and multimedia slideshows that I've produced and displayed them here on Pratt.tv.

Ok...so you've watched all the videos and you're now wondering what's next for Pratt.tv. Lot's of rad stuff...that's what! I love documenting life through video production and photography, then sharing it throughout the internet, so that's what I'm going to do.

I have a great time in the city I live in, love the people in it and I'm going to show you exactly why through the videos I'll be producing and displaying on Pratt.tv. I'm really excited about the first project, which I'll be talking all about on the Prattle Blog. For now, I've got this message to share with you for reading this far.

Let's Prattle.
- Jason